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The ems-isolier® QuadCore EM is ideally suited for the use in temperature-controlled and hygienically safe environments such as food processing, cold storage and fresh logistics, clean rooms, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry. It can be installed vertically or horizontally in controlled environments as internal and external wall and ceiling applications.

With thermal peak performance and innovative joint, the wall panel insulates cold store buildings at temperatures as low as -40 °C. To prevent warm air from the outside from penetrating, the thermal wall withstands even high pressure and remains airtight without any problems. All elements of the insulating panels can be perfectly joined, the moisture protection system effectively protects products from contamination and the insulation performance protects against water vapour – an additional plus in terms of hygiene.

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*related to cover width 1150 mm
This information is to show the technical possibilities, as the EN standards need to be applied in the legally valid form specific to each country.

Note: Deviation in colour and colour changes on the cut surface of the IPN3 insulation core are based on weather influence. While panels are stored outside UV-light might modify the colour of the core. This does not affect the quality of the panel and is no reason for complaint.

The information provided in this technical data sheet is subject to technical modifications. Details of features can be guaranteed only as far as these are explicitly confirmed in writing on a case by case basis.

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