Wall sandwich panels

Sandwich wall panels

An airtight, durable, energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing building envelope is essential. To create it, it is advisable to use sandwich wall panels – a construction and insulation material that is characterised by both great ease of installation, low acquisition costs and high technical performance values. The aesthetic value is also important; sandwich panels are an elegant and modern enclosure that can easily fit into the architectural design created. All of this makes panel boards an increasingly popular choice for investors – private and institutional.

Sandwich wall panels – modern solutions for the construction industry

Sandwich panels can easily encapsulate a building’s mass, guaranteeing the desired energy efficiency, durability and attractive appearance. The material consists of two components: the outer cladding and the inner insulating core, which – through the use of the adhesion phenomenon – are connected tightly and continuously.

Cores are made from a variety of materials. In the products on offer in our shop, you will find both standard mineral wool and PIR IPN foam infills and modern QuadCore® hybrid cores for the most demanding customers. You can also choose between outer and inner layer profiling, selecting the one that is most consistent with the prepared design.

A multitude of advantages that are convincing more and more investors

Wall sandwich panels are a modern material with many advantages. These include:

  • high level of thermal insulation,
  • high level of sound insulation,
  • high fire resistance,
  • high tightness,
  • lower transport requirements,
  • ease of installation – without additional heavy equipment, whatever the weather and in a relatively short period of time,
  • disassembly and reassembly options,
  • availability of different sizes and colours.

Widespread use

With so many advantages, the product is widely used in the construction industry. Among other things, it co-creates halls, warehouses, storage facilities, agricultural buildings, as well as logistics, sports, retail, office and cold and freezer centres. Sandwich wall panels are suitable for energy-efficient and sustainable construction. They work well in both standard and the most demanding projects, including public buildings where there is an even greater emphasis on fire safety. The key to success is to choose the right core in the first place, tailored to your needs.

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