Paroc Panel System

PAROC – sandwich panels for modern buildings

PAROC is a manufacturer of sandwich panels, part of the international Kingspan Group Ltd, one of the leaders in energy-efficient construction. It supplies high-quality products primarily to large builders involved in the construction of specialised buildings – public and private. It also supports in the renovation of facilities. Because PAROC has all the elements needed to complete a project, it offers professional and comprehensive support for any project, especially fire walls, façade finishing and acoustic improvements.

Manufacturer’s offer

PAROC offers mainly modern wall and roof sandwich panels, as well as fasteners, flashings, profiles, gaskets, panel lifting devices and professional technical advisory support. Everything you need to create a lightweight, modern and complete enclosure. Thanks to high values for key panel parameters such as thermal and acoustic insulation and fire resistance, as well as ease of transport and installation combined with high durability, PAROC panel solutions meet the highest demands both technically, aesthetically and in terms of budget. They guarantee the satisfaction of investors and users of the created or renowned building.
PAROC differentiates itself from other manufacturers
PAROC supports companies throughout the whole process of working on a project, from the creation of a plan to installation. What deserves to be highlighted is the more than 30 years of experience, including international and refined customer service, thanks to which every interested party can count on full support and rapid project implementation. The manufacturer provides the necessary support in the installation of the panels and provides instructions for servicing, maintenance and cleaning; the entire procedure in case repairs, painting or replacement of the panels are necessary. This makes PAROC a great business partner.

Part of the Kingspan Group

The authority of the manufacturer is co-created by the class of the international group to which PAROC belongs. We are talking about Kingspan, a company with a presence in more than 70 countries, whose sandwich panels, facade systems and cold storage doors and chambers are involved in the creation of thousands of different types of buildings around the world, including sustainable buildings and buildings on private property.

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