Hoesch® – sandwich panels and accessories based on tradition, development and innovation

Hoesch® is a manufacturer of sandwich panels and accessories for their installation – materials that are becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry and are used especially in projects that focus on energy efficiency and adaptation to modern requirements. The brand has been offering customers innovative solutions that are unique on a global scale for more than 50 years. They make buildings even more durable, safer and more comfortable to use on a daily basis, bringing satisfaction to both investors and the people who use these places on a daily basis. And all this with great ease of transport, assembly and lower construction costs, which is also of great importance.

The manufacturer places great importance on combining innovation with tradition. It continually builds on what has been achieved through decades of work by many people, while striving to modernise and thus adapt the products on offer to the requirements of the modern market, with the increasingly popular idea of sustainable, environmentally responsible construction. Reliability and modernity – that’s the name of the Hoesch® brand. The manufacturer’s composite panels are therefore a technically advanced product – with high values for key parameters and featuring an elegant, innovative design. They set new standards in energy efficiency, fire protection and design. And for these reasons, they are valued by customers all over the world.

About Hoesch® brand products

The Hoesch® catalogue includes wall and roof sandwich panels as well as accessories for their complete installation: profiled corners, gaskets, cylinders and flashings, gutter systems, lighting solutions and building envelopes, as well as accessories necessary for safety during installation or servicing of the panels: anchors and complete safety systems. The manufacturer also provides professional technical support at every stage of the Hoesch® relationship.

Areas in which Hoesch® products are most applicable

The manufacturer’s sandwich panels and accessories are used primarily in industrial, residential, office and administrative buildings, as well as in the construction of power plants, airports, cold and freezer rooms and even stadiums. The brand undertakes collaborations with major players in the international market. Supporting customers every step of the way – from design development to product selection and installation – is more than just a sandwich panel shop. Worth noting, Hoesch® is part of the large Kingspan Group, present in more than 70 countries, actively operating more than 150 production sites.

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