Frequently Asked Questions


What is a composite/insulated panel?
It is a composite building material that consists of an insulating core and two outer metal sheets. The core is bonded to the sheets with adhesive, which gives the panel exceptional parameters and durability.

For which buildings can composite panels be used?
Composite panels are used for the construction of various types of buildings: workshops, garages, storerooms, as well as single-family houses. The advantages of composite panels include excellent insulation and fire properties, size and ease of installation.

How does the installation of composite panels look like?
Composite panels are fixed to structures (pillars or beams) with self-drilling or self-tapping screws.

When should the roof or wall insulation be replaced?
The strength of the roof elements depends mainly on the strength of the external metal sheets. They should be renewed (varnished) every 20-30 years. The durability of the paint depends on the degree of corrosion, which is influenced by the type of paint and environmental factors.

Do composite panels require special maintenance?
No, panels usually have a long service life. All that is required is a regular inspection of the building and basic maintenance such as cleaning the panels.

Can I build a wall or roof with composite panels by myself?
Yes, the project requires only basic knowledge of construction principles. Our Technical Department can assist you with any question.

What does it look like to disassemble the components?
The panels must be removed from the building. The steel plates must be separated from the core, as these components must be disposed of separately.

Are the panels waterproof?
Yes, the fasteners of our panels are tested to resist water and other weather conditions.

Which colors of panels are available?
The panels are available in the following standard exterior sheet colors: Anthracite Grey (RAL7016), Copper Brown (RAL8004), Grey-White (RAL9002), Silver Aluminum (RAL9006), Silver Dark (RAL9007) and White (RAL9010). Some products are also available in custom colors. For custom colors, please contact the advisor. Interior sheets are available in Grey-White (RAL9002).

What is the difference between a hidden and a visible lock?
Panels with concealed and visible fixing differ in installation technique and external appearance of the finished structure. For example, boards with external fixing requires longer screws.

What is a PIR core?
PIR is polyisocyanurate foam, an insulation material which is an improved version of polyurethane.

What is the U value?
U-value is the heat transfer coefficient of a building. It determines the amount of energy (expressed in Watts) that penetrates a partition (windows, doors, walls, roofs, etc.) in relation to its surface area and the temperature difference on both sides. The smaller the U-factor, the less heat loss occurs and the better the partition is an an insulation. This translates into heating costs for the building.

What is B-S1,D0?
This is the classification of the reaction of a building material to fire. B-S1,D0 means non-flammable material, causing low smoke emission and no burning particles during fire.

How can I find the product I need?
In our shop, products are grouped by categories. Please use the Menu to select the products you are interested in and add them to your cart.

I can’t find the product I need
If you are not sure if our product are right for your project, please contact us so we can try to find the best solution for you.

Can I count on technical advice?
Yes, please contact us for a technical advice via the form, email or phone.

Do you offer installation service?
Yes, we work with installation companies that are experts in this field. Please indicate when placing your order that you need to arrange for an installation company.

What is the price of installation?
Price of installation service is determined individually, as it depends on the type and size of the project

Can I count on help if I decide to install individually?
Yes, we support clients in all phases of project execution.

Can I pick up the order myself?
Yes, you can pick up your completed and confirmed order in person. Please contact us to arrange a pickup date. Our employees will do the loading, so it is very important we know the details of your vehicle.

Will I get help unloading the truck at my construction site?
Please let us know in advance so we can try to find a solution for you.

Do you offer delivery of purchased goods?
Yes, we can arrange transportation for an addition fee. We use proven carriers at the best prices we can find.